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Why Christina Kim should be America’s sweetheart

Trading CardsAfter the 2005 Solheim Cup I was hopeful that Christina Kim’s sharp patriotism, team spirit, and most importantly, excellent golf game would put her in the upper echelons of the American golfers on the LPGA. As this little trading card pack shows you, Christina Kim is not one of America’s darlings, though she should.

I have conceded the fact that Paula Creamer is, and deservedly so, the LPGA #1 America’s Sweetheart. She has the phenomenal results to back this statement, and is the picture of girl next door. Fine, I’m okay with that. Natalie & Morgan though, what do they have going on that should put them in an upper playing field compared to Christina.

Don’t get me wrong, I do not want to turn this post into a rambling size/race discussion. Morganza does have a major that Christina dose not, but if CK were to win the RICOH Women’s British Open today, would she be warranted the same American darling status? I don’t think that’s likely. Which is a real shame, Christina Kim is truly an amazing ambassador for this tour. She showed just what she was made up on the professional side of things, as if I recall correctly was the only LPGA pro present for Marsha Evan’s presser announcing her as interim Commissioner.

Morgan Pressel is firery and competitive, a la Dottie Pepper. Christina Kim is, loud? Exuberant? Brash? Natalie Gulbis has calendars, and photo shoots galore. Christina is posting super-sexy tweets of herself. There’s quite a dichotomy here. Let me be clear here, I do not want to diminish anything from Morgan, Natalie or Paula. They are all clearly talented women, all deserving of the utmost praise, and I wish them continued success, all of it will help the LPGA.

Kim and Gulbis @ 05 SolheimI just wish Christina got the due respect she deserved for being an open, fan-friendly, professional out here. Would we care about her so-called “excessive tweeting” if she were size 2 and blonde? Or would we be fawning at the fact that someone so desirable were letting us in on their lives? The same way many, many, many fanboys and fangirls follow their favorite actor/singer/crush of their life sort of way?

I just think it’s truly a pity when someone who is incredibly icy (not naming names, but they may have the same initials) is considered more marketable then Christina. Let’s embrace CK and give her the love she deserves.