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LPGA Timing, Not so Great

Some argued that having the player revolt/ousting of Carolyn Bivens occur during one of the LPGA’s major championship was a bad thing, in my eyes it always seemed like the right time to have controversy. Have it during your tour’s biggest events, so, even if they are tuning it because of the Commissioner drama, they will be able to witness your tour’s best and brightest playing in one of their biggest events of the year.

This is why making an announcement tomorrow, on the eve of the Hana Bank * Kolon Championship 2009 seems a bit silly indeed. The event is in Korea, ie the tour’s elite are all in Korea (including current acting commissioner Marty Evans), and it’s not going to be televised in the United States. For a tour that’s screaming and needing more attention in it’s home country, making the announcement now, rather then during the LPGA Tour Championship a televised home event, is baffling.

It’s not as if Michael Whan will be beginning his tenure right away anyway. Marty Evans will be holding down the fort for the remainder of the season with Mr. Whan taking the lead beginning in January.

The LPGA jumped the gun on this one, timing could’ve given the LPGA Tour Championship some pretty big buzz.

Early Reports: Michael Whan new LPGA Commissioner

Golfweek Magazine and Golf Digest are reporting that Michael Whan will be announced as the new LPGA commissioner at a special meeting in NYC on Wednesday morning.

See Golfweek’s report here.

Whan is a former executive at Taylor Made Adidas, and was recently a CEO of Mission-ITECH hockey.

More reports are coming out, but hopefully we’ll get a bigger look of it tomorrow morning.

Whan was not a name on the radar as a likely choice for the new LPGA commissioner, and hopefully he’ll prove overly fruitful for the LPGA economically and beyond. In the few short months acting commissioner Marty Evans was at the helm, she has added events back to the 2010 schedule, and secured a title sponsor for the LPGA Tour championship.

The role of LPGA commissioner has been a hot topic after a “player revolt” caused Bivens to step down during the spring.