Bienvenue! My name is Jamie and I like golf. I grew up playing tennis in eastern Massachusetts, but fell in love with the game after watching Se Ri Pak defeat Jenny Chausiriporn at the 1998 U.S. Womens Open. I studied Hospitality & Tourism Management (with a focus on Event, Tourism, and Convention Management) at the Isenberg School of Management, University of Massachusetts Amherst. Tennis is my first love, but golf is a very close second. I believe style should equal substance, and the latter is nothing without the former.

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Another Reason to Hate Michelle Wie

@TheMichelleWie , has started her own personal blog for those of you not paying attention to the LPGA blogosphere/twitterverse situation the past week or so. A Black Flamingo, “a mindless blog about life, and the stuff that doesen’t quite fit in” shows that the LPGA rookie is not only talented on the golf course, but can paint, make clothes, and do all types of artistic things.

As someone who is not good at golf, and does not have an artistic bone in my body I am of course even more jealous of Wie’s sheer ease at just jumping onto the art bandwagon. It’s not a huge surprise that someone so gifted athletically, would find herself talented in many facets of her life.

I’m sure the many haters that pester Miss Wie like little gnats will find many ways to tear up this side project of hers, but honestly it’s just fun, and I love her for it. The more players that can make themselves accessible, interesting, and show the myriad of talent and personality that each possess, the better. Kudos to Michelle Wie for putting herself out there. The only real mistake she made was using blogspot and not the brilliance of tumblr.