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You Better Shape Up… LPGA Website

There is no doubt that web media and web content is a very important thing, and when it comes to the LPGA, there’s skills are a bit lacking. Although their website design and layout are simple, and it’s relatively easy to navigate, there are so many things wrong and inconsistent, that it’s really an embarrassment. 5-6 years ago when they had the atrocious purple website I may have given them a pass, but right now in 2010, it’s time to step it up.

When Na Ri Kim got herself into contention last week, I noticed one big gaffe. She was listed as Priority List Category: R, aka retired! There are a lot of oddities within the player profiles, plus there’s not a lot of information on these particular pages anyway. Questions like why is Angie Oberholser still listed (as non-exempt too, how archaic), is really just one of many you’ll have if you peruse these profiles.

There stat pages could really be overhauled, and I would love to see cooler stats included. It was much talked about earlier in the year how the stats from the international events were not included, and how it skewed all the overall stats. In this day and age, that is really uncalled for!

Mistakes within live scoring happen every week. I already harped on about that, so I’ll move on. Was finally fixed though!

I’d also love to see better stats, like Golf Observer’s weekly tournament stats, or something like how many time’s players have started the final round in the lead, and their result. Things like that.

Let’s go LPGA, let’s step our games up.

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