Bienvenue! My name is Jamie and I like golf. I grew up playing tennis in eastern Massachusetts, but fell in love with the game after watching Se Ri Pak defeat Jenny Chausiriporn at the 1998 U.S. Womens Open. I studied Hospitality & Tourism Management (with a focus on Event, Tourism, and Convention Management) at the Isenberg School of Management, University of Massachusetts Amherst. Tennis is my first love, but golf is a very close second. I believe style should equal substance, and the latter is nothing without the former.

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Can someone tell the Golf Channel that Solheim is over?

I recently moved to a house near my university campus, and we had not had the luxury of cable or internet for three weeks. While I was able to access the internet via campus, and the center of town, I was unable to catch any of the action of the Samsung last week, nor the opening round of the CVS/pharmacy Classic this week. So, when I decided to come home to my parent’s house for the weekend I was very excited for the live second round coverage to start.

To my dismay (but definitely expected) the Golf Channel’s coverage focused incredibly heavily on the Americans and European players (with the addition of Hall of Famer Karrie Webb). There was so much Pettersen vs. Creamer back and forth I thought we were in the middle of Sunday singles all over again! Sun Young Yoo, who was playing a blazing round, and the best golf on the course, wasn’t shown until she reached the 9th, her last hole. Which she three putted, and bogeyed.

Now, I was a bit tired from the 2 hr ride, and am battling a sinus infection, so I sort of fell asleep through the coverage, but I do believe that was the only shot of Yoo, and the rest of the coverage focused on Pettersen, Stanford, Creamer, Pressel, and the like. While I understand they were all in the thick of things, but they still had some good players on the course of other ethnic varieties to show!

I’ll give them the benefit and say that the majority of the cameras are probably situated on the back nine, so the players who finished on the front today (like Yoo and Feng Shanshan) were just out of reach. Either way it’s still a disappointment.

It’s no wonder that so many of these talented South Koreans are unknown to the public. They are only shown when they are in the thick of things (or winning!) on the weekend. Going up to that, you get little to no coverage, so when they win, of course it’s a huge surprise, we don’t get to see them play otherwise!

A big step in alleviating this so called problem of South Korean dominance, is too actually give them a voice, and air time even when they aren’t in contention. That’ll build that familiarity, and really show that these ladies are more then just wonderful technicians on the golf course.

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