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Christina Kim is Evil

Christina Kim with the Solheim CupAm I missing something? Were we not applauding and turning Christina Kim into a covergirl after her stellar, enthusiastic performance after the 2005 Solheim Cup? What has happened in the four years that has turned the newly svelte Kim into a distracting, over the line, unprofessional golfer? Was Christina Kim the only roof raising, booty bumping, crowd amping, and overly patriotic lady on the USA Solheim Cup team? No, she was not alone. Why is she getting the flack for it?

Was I the only one who saw and heard Christina give due props to Europe’s Tania Elosegui after hitting a clutch shot down the stretch on Sunday?

Were we not just praising Michelle Wie for letting loose and having fun on the golf course, but when she was paired with Christina Kim and letting loose, it was a no-no? What a bad influence you are Christina.

Correct me if I am wrong, but isn’t lack of personality one of the biggest criticisms of the LPGA? Now we’re complaining that a player has taken it too far?

The LPGA got the opportunity to be center stage this week. It’s coverage of the Solheim Cup superseded an exciting weekend over at the PGA where players were vying for spots into the Fed Ex Playoffs, and a major over at the Senior PGA Tour. We should be praising the ladies for letting loose, representing the USA proud, playing some amazing golf, and not nitpicking on things like that. This, to me, depreciates what a great weekend of golf this was.

Perhaps it’s only fitting, in 2005 Christina Kim got all the spoils for being nothing else, but her. A kick ass golfer, who loves her country. Now she’s getting the backlash. Can you imagine how devastating this weekend if the players “kept it cool” the entire weekend? That’s not what I want to see by players competing for their countries!

Christina Kim was being herself. We need to embrace the players, all of them, for being who they are. Whether they are loud, whether they are reserved, whatever it is. In the end Christina Kim showed us how much she loves the LPGA, the Solheim Cup, and the United States of America, and that is something I would never criticize her for.

What’s next? Criticizing Jiyai Shin for winning too much worldwide? Criticize Lorena Ochoa for helping to grow the game in Mexico? Complain that Paula Creamer wears to much pink, and that Michelle Wie is too tall? All of this is nonsense. Christina Kim you’re amazing, and you’ve inspired me and countless others this weekend.

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